Friday, October 30, 2009

Bandi Chhorh Divas

I'm back after not blogging for quite sometime.. =D
my ap0l0gies***

The h0ttest things around for me currently is diwali...
yes, it's diwali mooD is fortunately still on...
though i have 2 mention that i celebrated a belated diwali!!!!! :(
hmm//..( wasn't looking at the sky and cryin out loud..) instead cryin out at my biology book!!..haih..was kinda the most miserable diwali i've ever experienced in my life!!..

it was acc a week afta diwali i actually celebrated diwali with my family and friends..
it was a blast!!!...the slightest disappoinment is that i wasn't home 4 diwali...but dt didn't matter much afta the craziest diwali open hse i had at h0me!!!!...
it was wild.. crazy... but WAS FUN!!!!! haha... that's diwali f0r me.. FUN!!!!... all hindus n punjabis out der...happy DEEpavali n bandi chhorh divas!!!!

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