Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Finally i had the chance to visit KMPK..just a couple of days back.
I heard from others that this place was new and huge..
Got a view of it at last...
main entrance..heads 2 the administration office
good coverage..alot of these around the college compound..while in KMM only around the library area!..SIgh***
girls dorm..certainly looks welcoming! and they have a tennis court for every block!
to the uniT
in the unit...nice..but the lecturers are kinda hidden in boxes..real big ones!!!!
tribute to the English language!
cafe!!!..our Cafe B looks better but certainly not as clean as this one!..and hey they have roti canai and indian stalls as well..sigh**..wish to have a 'tosai'....
library...ours looks better~~..hehe
now, this is what I like!!..
good place to 'lepak' (hang around) in the evenings!
ours is 'blue'/..
this is soooooo needed!!!..convenient!
this is the best one so far!!!..a bistr0..the food is nice..i like their cheese soooo crazy about em'
science z0ne!
H.E.P. excellent interior
waiting area near the guard house..kmm needs one of those!
KMPK is seriously awesome..way way better than KMM for sure..yeah it is quite new..built in 2002 and is definitely very well-maintained.
Facilities are sufficient and so are the sources!..
I so envy the students here...


  1. u dont have to envy them luv..
    few of my frens went there..
    they told me dat "kitorg selalu xde air, kengkdg pi kuliah pn x mandi.."
    or we could just ask ejad bout it..
    hahaha.. but overall, it has an awesome infrastructure.. wish kmm could(would?)be up8td..

  2. haha..
    looks like a major problem to me..
    but u shud hav seen the place///
    much better than ours..
    facilities are real good!!!!
    at least u dun get bored!!!!


    I'm one of the ex student there.. :)