Monday, July 27, 2009


Last Sunday was rather my DAY..yeah it was kinda busy but i enjoyed it as it wud be the last weekend i could actually enjoy during this mid-semester with my family that is.

A usual i got up early.. went for badminton in Cultural Hall (a.k.a) Rayan Hall here in Ipoh.

It was a nice gathering between the Ceylonese Society ( I think they should have more of these small gatherings..pretty healthy ones). Finally got to sweat after a real long time. Did realise a fall in stamina but eventually i picked up!..'nO PAin nO GAin'..

And of course it's my last Sunday, so seriously did not want to miss my sh0w..whatelse- HARRY POTTER 6-..Not exactly a big fan of HArry poTTer or even Daniel Radcliffe.. it;s all the h00-haa on it that lured me to GSC since it was realesed on the 16th of July 2009. Though i watched the 1st 4 movies..i still enjoyed the 1st one.

The movie (HP 6) was successful emotionally (Albus died in the end..Really admired him since the very beginning..he was always very wise in my opinion)..the beginning was okay..(i still do not know what happened to that 'hot' girl (MUggle) who appeared in the cafe at the railwayz...) and of course all the pulse activating scenes here and there..honestly the 1st half was kinda draggy.,..strongly feel the love potion thingy is soo not neccessary!!..a bit childish though - my point of view!!..But the rest was good. Really enjoyed the creative graphical affects that is different..its surely a contributing factor to J.K. Rowling's success!!..Something that we can neveR find in any other shows!! hats off to her and member's of the Crew!!! a nutshell i would rate hp6 at 6/10!!!..still not bad!!

Back home was another back to back movie mania. Managed to watch a tamil movie..not mentioning its name cz i would obviously rate it as a 3rd class movie..bad story!!!..i wonder if directors these days have ran out of ideas!!..but the songs were good director???who else if it's not A.R. Rahman!!!!!!!!!!!..Then, was 17 2nd brother managed to grab a CD from his friend so we watched it together~!!! comments on that movie..haha..

Conclusion: I managed to save a Sunday!!!!hoooraaahhhhhhhhh=p

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