Friday, July 31, 2009

Learn some barney & friends

2009..yeah it's a great point of civilisation. But, i still wonder what civilisation means these days!

civilisation: evryone is busy, materialistic, rudy rude!!! ..

So, what am i grubling about again?

Well, this is what i went through last Wednesday. I went to the government clinic just a stone's throw away from my place. I was having this bad flu and fever which comes on and off ocassionally. Wanted to get myself seriously checked up fearing the recent H1N1 outbreak.

As usual, walked to the counter anxiously getting my number.. it was heLL crowded..wondered if i had to wait the whole day to get treated!! And there was the HA (hospital assistant). She asked me if i've been to that particular clinic before and i said yes but very long time. I was taken a back when she suddenly raised her voice at me and said how long exactly?!!..i frowned lightly surprised at her reaction, answered in a rather polite manner, " it's about a year. I'm not sure! Sorry!"..Then she just told me to pay a dollar and since I had no change but RM10 with me, i handed her that money and waited for my change. She didn't give me back my change for quite some time. It was someone else's turn already and i thought may be she forgot.

Silently, I asked her, " Excuse me, maam. I paid RM10. My change please..".. This time she went over board!!..At that point i truly felt that I'm another plain human and my patience had its limits. I kept my cool..and took her answers.. calm.

" Why can't u wait? Can't you see I'm busy over here? I'm not gonna run away with your money!!!" and she threw my balance on the table just like that!!

It's either she didn't like me or she has no respect for money?!!!

I collected my cash and walked off without saying a word!!

What a day i thought?!!..

Then, it was my turn to see the doctor. Finally!! After a real long wait!! Now, the doctor..I wonder if he seriously was a doctor cz' his name didn't have a 'Dr.' and he was wearing a pale yellow uniform and wore a tag saying 'Pegawai kesihatan'..Maybe he was another HA i thought!!..True enough he certainly was!!..Just like any other docs he asked me what my problem was..bla..bla..bla..Same old thing..check on breathing..told me to say AAAAhhhHHHH..shined a torch into my mouth and said 'OK' plainly!...Prescribed some medicines that i should take and called up to the next patient.."huh U..what's wrong with u??"..and that was in a rather harsh manner..

my confusions in this case:

  1. can a HA treat patients..this happens in a government hospital especially when it is crowded..but they know what exactly they are doing????
  2. even if they have to treat patients regardless the lack in number of doctors..can they prescribe??
  3. they are not even doctors..i believe that they won't even know what they are doing at dare he mistreat the patients by just 'hey U'ing on them??!!! Well, even if he were to be a real doctor..a good qualified one..didn't his mum teach him any manners. I always believe in treating people the way you want to be treated!..Just because ur sitting on a great seat where people believe one who could save a life, that doesn't mean u can just mis- treat people like that!!..What happen to the Hippocratic Oath that newly graduated doctors it merely another sake of formalities??


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